When a commercial truck, such as an eighteen wheeler is involved in an accident it becomes more catastrophic than your average accident. Accidents that involve semi trucks make up a major number of motor vehicle accident injuries and fatalities yearly. Large trucks having great size and power pose greater threats to smaller vehicles with passengers. Commercial trucks transport goods across the country and create a huge amount of truck traffic passing over California’s highways and roads.

Trucking Accident Lawyer California – A large commercial truck can typically weigh over 80,000 pounds. It is this reason why accidents involving semi trucks with other smaller vehicles that typically result in serious or fatal injuries. There can be liabilities for not only the commercial truck driver but also the owner of the trailer being transported, and even the owner of the load in the container. If you were involved in an accident with a commercial truck accident you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your injuries by bringing legal action against parties that are responsible. Contact a California trucking accident lawyer at Amerberg Law Group, Our lawyers are prepared to help you receive the maximum recovery for your losses. Our personal injury lawyers house decades of experience in truck accidents. Call us today for a FREE CONSULTATION at 1833-338-HURT. We can help you evaluate your case today.


Trucking Accident Lawyer California – There are federal regulations that require trucks to carry different levels of insurance coverage depending on what they are carrying. Tractor trailers are required to have a much higher minimum liability policy when it comes to insurance than your average auto vehicle. Many times all parties insurance companies will fight over which company is held responsible for compensation after a truck accident. Federal regulations help ensure coverage by protecting the innocent party.

Negligence is our main legal theory when you present your case to our trucking accident lawyers at Amerberg Law Group. We will have to prove that the other party was responsible for the accident. One who was injured in a commercial truck collision must provide:

  • The defendant owes the injured the right to exercise proper care to avoid injuries.
  • The defendant did not provide the care necessary to avoid injury.
  • The reason why the injury happened was because of the defendant’s failure to provide care.

Many reasons could be why a truck accident occurred. Some reasons why happen more frequent than others. Driver error, outside conditions, and equipment failure are the general reasons why a truck accident occurred.

Driver Error

–  A driver committing an error is the most common cause of trucking accidents. Ranging from simple collisions to gross negligence, a lack of adequate training and cause bad decision making when making sudden lane changes, wide turns, as well as dangerous interactions with roads and bridges. The use of drugs or alcohol can impede with the drivers ability to conduct the vehicle in the proper manner. Another factor causing collisions and fatalities is driver fatigue and schedule issues causing pressure on truck drivers.

Outside Conditions

– The conditions outside can be a factor in truck accidents. Large tractor trailers are at risk in dangerous outside conditions, because of their size. Outside conditions such as snowstorms, narrow bridges, ice on the road, and reduced vision due to rain or fog can lead to truck accidents.

Equipment Failure

– Any vehicle can suffer from equipment failure and design flaws. Sometimes these faults can lead to injury or even death. A large truck could roll over, jack knife, or have no driver control due to equipment failure. Vehicles hit by large trucks can cause major damage due to side and rear bumpers being no existent on trucks, also brakes failing could cause major accidents to happen.


Trucking Accident Lawyer California – Our truck accident lawyers at Amerberg Law Group know how serious an injury from a collision with a truck can be. We are here with quality professionals with ample trucking accident experience and knowledge. We are prepared to fight for any compensation you deserve or injuries suffered or lost wages from a truck accident. Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION at 1833-338-HURT.


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