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Sexual Abuse Lawyer California – Sexual assault can distress your life in many ways. In recent years it seems that there has been a slight change in the public mindset when it comes to discussing sexual abuse. What was once an extremely taboo subject, is more openly discussed around us. There is still a large stigma surrounding sexual abuse and its victims, but changing perceptions has led to more honesty and that is a very important step forward. Victims of abuse can now be heard being referred to as “survivors”. This term is one of respect emphasizing the fact that anyone who has suffered abuse (assault and/or battery) that is sexual in nature, and lived through it, should not simply be referred to as a victim. Surviving abuse is a mammoth personal achievement. Being able to speak out regarding abuse is heroic, and seeking the justice that is deserved is an obligation. The compassionate and dedicated attorneys at Amerberg Law Group are fully committed to helping the survivors of sexual abuse with their recovery, and we will stop at nothing to help seek justice for our clients in a personal injury assault and battery case. These cases that are sexual in nature require the guidance of a skilled personal injury attorney due to strict statutes of limitations that are often associated with them.


Sexual Abuse Lawyer California – Just about every case of sexual abuse will include some sort of assault and/or battery. Assault and battery are often thought as being one in the same, and in a certain circumstance both types of abuse can be present. Assault is an attempt to injure and/or frighten someone in order to cause fear of immediate harm to the victim. Assault may include threats and threatening behavior towards another party. Anyone who has been threatened or injured by another with an intention to harm is a victim of assault. One or more people can attack the victim during an assault. Assault may or may not physically harm the victim. Assault can be defined as any intentional act done to threaten or harm the other person. It can be a physical attack, a threat or any other act that causes the victim to fear harm. Battery is the intentional physical touching of someone without their consent. By definition, battery does not necessarily have to be violent. Non consenting touching, even if just menacing and offensive, could be considered battery. If the victim has been only threatened, it is assault. But, if the victim has been injured or distressed by touching, it is battery.

What Information is Necessary in Helping Prove Battery or Assault in a Sexual Abuse Case?

Sexual Abuse Lawyer California – Any documentation of claims is going to be important in helping to prove a sexual assault case that includes battery, assault, or both. Even touching an object that is connected to the victim (like something the victim is holding or aggressively tugging on a jacket that a person is wearing), comes under battery. In order to prove battery, the victim must provide the proof of contact. If the battery does include substantial injury, then there may be examinations by doctors or experts to corroborate the claim. Sexual abuse cases often have proof of serious injury that can be documented, but in cases of sexual abuse with assault, it is very important to keep all documentation of threatening or menacing contact with the accused in order to prove assault. When there is no bodily contact but, the victim has been threatened, the act comes under assault and that can be proved often with communication between the victim and accused.

We Will Seek Justice For Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse, And Rape Survivors

Sexual Abuse Lawyer California – The dedicated and compassionate attorneys at Amerberg Law Group are focused on representing survivors of sexual abuse with the highest regard to privacy and conservation of personal integrity. Our goal is to bring offenders to justice and hold them, and any institutions that may have over looked the abuse or failed to stop such acts from happening in the first place, accountable.

Amerberg Law Group Can Handle An Array of Cases such as:

Workplace sexual harassment — You do NOT have to tolerate unwanted advances or sexual touching, any sexualized behavior or images that create a sexually hostile environment while at work. If your employer fails to take appropriate action or retaliates if you complain, we can help you pursue civil damages.

Schools and colleges — Students and visitors at schools in California have the right to be safe from sexual harassment, sexual assault, or sexual abuse. Private and public schools can be sued when a school employee, teacher, a student, or a third party commits a sexual assault on campus.

Health care providers — Some of the most vulnerable sexual abuse survivors are those assaulted in a health care facility, where predators target those who are vulnerable because of their medical or psychological conditions. It is not uncommon for a personal injury attorney to handle cases involving sexual assaults and rapes at nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, or doctors' offices.

Property owners — We are able to handle cases against property owners who fail to stop guests from becoming victims of sexual crimes. This can include childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault, and rape. The responsible parties could include hosts that may have provided alcohol resulting in sexual abuse of an incapacitated victim and also against hotels responsible for failing to prevent sexual assaults of guests.


Why Having Representation is Crucial to a Sexual Abuse Case:

Sexual Abuse Lawyer California – Disclosures of sexual abuse characteristically unfold piece by piece and can be presented as a series of hints by survivors to someone they trust. If you or a loved one have been a victim of sexual abuse due to the negligence of an institution, or the callousness of another person, and wish to gain legal justice, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. In most instances there are statute of limitations that may impede a satisfactory ruling, simply because the law states that too much time has passed. Your lawyer can help you navigate your case and help you in recovering damages for your loss. Although it is not possible to go back in time and stop the sexual abuse or crime from occurring, at Amerberg Law Group we will do everything in our power to assist our clients in their chosen path toward healing.


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