Public Entity Cases California – Any federal, state, or local government property would be considered a public entity. The term is general in nature but includes government corporations, judicial officers, agencies, and authorities. A personal injury claim involving a public entity can arise in a variety of circumstances. Some reasons might be that a governmental entity is responsible for a death, property damage, or physical injury. If the government injures you, this injury is called a “tort.” The person filing the “tort claim,” usually the injured, or a loved one on behalf of the injured, is referred to as the “claimant.” In most cases, you, as the claimant, must file a tort claim if you are trying to receive compensation from the public entity. If you are injured by a government entity, or a public employee acting within the scope of employment, or on local or federal government property, you may be able to file a claim against that particular entity. Common cases could include accidents involving government vehicles, injuries due to poorly maintained roads or highways, slip or falls on government property, or collisions with city vehicles. Although uncommon, other claims such as negligence, assault and battery, fraud, or defamation are also permitted.


Public Entity Cases California –  There are numerous steps to follow when dealing with a public entity case. Public entity cases must be filed within a very specific amount of time or you risk the case being dismissed. There are a lot of regulations when dealing with a public entity and it is very important to seek legal counsel immediately following your injury. First, if you are seeking compensation for your claim than you must file an Administrative Claim as outlined in the Government Claims Act. By filing an Administrative Claim, the public entity is given the chance to correct the conditions that caused the injury in the first place, but it could also allow for a settlement before a suit is filed. By filing an Administrative Claim you are also allowing the entity to conduct a preliminary investigate and for them to dispute any claims. Filing a claim against a public entity can get quite complex. Filing an administrative claim may seem simple enough but if one thing is incorrect or missed from your initial claim, than you risk the claim becoming an actual case. Even if there is no intention to sue a public entity at the present time, the need for filing an administrative claim is necessary. Some information required would be things such as your name, address, date location and description of the incident. Other information necessary would be amount of loss in total including medical expenses, lost wages, property damages, and how everything was calculated. You must provide proof. Keep in mind that all of this must be completed within a relatively short amount of time, and if you are recovering from an injury or wrongdoing, then the last thing you will want to worry about is compiling paperwork. This is where a dedicated and organized attorney is a great asset.

Government law is full of deceptive terms and language and can be overwhelming for the inexperienced. If steps are not completed in a certain time, if your documents are out of order, or deadlines are missed, you may never receive restitution for your injuries. If you fail to submit your claim within the specified time limit (statute of limitations), your case can be dismissed, which is why meeting California’s filing deadlines is critically important when dealing with these types of situations, it is highly recommended that you seek the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney at Amerberg Law Group to help you along the way. This means that personal injury cases involving a public entity are very time-sensitive, and there are no real shortcuts that can be taken. Everything must be done by the book and according to law, like normal, but compared to most personal injury claims, there is far less time to do it in and many more steps to follow. Having an experienced and determined attorney provides you with the comfort of knowing that your claim will be handled properly.


Public Entity Cases California –  The attorneys at Amerberg Law Group are dedicated and determined assets to have in your corner. We take great pride in making sure each of our clients are satisfied with the results and commitment they receive. We understand the difficulties presented to citizens dealing with public entities, and the stress and struggles it may cause. However, while there are many hindrances to overcome in these cases, our law firm will never back down from a challenge. We believe that regardless of whom a property owner may be, injured people have the right to reasonable compensation after all they have been through. When you hire our firm, you hire an entire office full of attorneys who will make sure each task and step of a seemingly tedious process, is performed with the highest accuracy.

It is essential to understand the legal options you have so you can make educated and informed decisions regarding your claim. We are a dedicated team of legal professionals who believe in informing our clients about their legal rights in respect to their personal injury. Our seasoned lawyers at Amerberg Law Group will treat you to exceptional legal service. Our California personal injury lawyers have years of experience, and are dedicated to protecting your rights.


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