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Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer California – Unfortunately, life is full of unforeseen events and circumstances. Many of us have the precautionary thought to purchase insurance policies that offer a level of protection when these unexpected events do arise. We think that we are doing the right thing for ourselves or our families, but what happens when your insurance company – the very entity you expect to act in your best interest – denies your claim without legitimate reason, harasses, or bullies you? This is describing a legal term known as Insurance Bad Faith. Insurance bad faith describes a claim that an insured person may have against an insurance company for its “bad acts”. Insurance companies have a legal obligation to uphold fair and “in good faith” dealings to the persons or policy holders that they insure. This good faith and fair dealings policy exists by operation of law in every insurance contact.

This duty prohibits the insurance company from doing anything to deny an insured person of the benefits or protection outlined in their policy. Uncooperative and unreasonable conduct by the insurance provider in depriving coverage or failing to adequately investigate a claim may constitute a violation of their duty of good faith to their policyholders. Most laws regulating the insurance industry are state specific, but in general, if an insurance company violates the mutual understanding and contract induced trust than the policy holder may seek a claim of insurance bad faith and breach of contract.

It is not uncommon for an insurance company to deny or even limit coverage of a claim without proper justification or warning. Not every claim denial is in bad faith, but if you have been treated wrongfully and have been denied coverage or a reasonable settlement unjustly, you may have a case for bad faith against your provider. An insurance company cannot unreasonably delay or deny a claim. There are other ways that an insurance company may act in bad faith when dealing with an insured. Many of these instances depend on the type of insurance policy and the nature of your claim. Our skilled personal injury attorneys at Amerberg Law Group can examine your policy, answer your questions, and help you determine whether you have been treated unfairly by your insurance company.

How do you know?

Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer California – You can always file a complaint with your state’s Department of Insurance, but only by contacting a highly qualified attorney who specializes in insurance bad faith will you be able to get high-quality advice regarding whether the insurer’s actions fall within the definition of bad faith, and if you have a case. Keep in mind that state, not federal laws, regulate insurance practices and there is no fixed definition for insurance bad faith. An experienced attorney with Amerberg Law Group will be able to assist you and help you through the process to seek justice for your claim. The sooner you contact a personal injury attorney, the more likely you are to gain the results you are seeking, and you may see that the insurance provider may start taking you and your claim more seriously.

Why is it important to contact an insurance bad faith lawyer?

A bad faith lawyer assists clients with the following:

  • Evaluating policy holder’s rights based on their insurance policy
  • Deducing whether a policy holder has a case against an insurance company
  • Determining the laws that are applicable to the case: state bad faith law
  • Gathering and organizing documentation pertinent to the policy holder’s case
  • Identifying errors (if intentional or otherwise) made by the insurance company when denying a claim
  • Pursuing compensation and benefits based on the applicable state laws

Trusting insurance companies

Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer California – Unfortunately, insurance companies often manipulate the language in their policies to minimize or deny valid claims. The verbiage in policies is many times misleading and can be interpreted differently. Insurance providers have a significant self-interest to avoid payouts to their policyholders and to protect their monetary reserves. When an insurance company denies or undervalues a claim, they may allege that the loss is not included in the policy, the insured is claiming damages greater than what the provider claims them to be, or that a claim falls below the deductible listed in the policy. Disputes are also common with medical providers. If an insurance company does not pay a medical provider the money that they are entitled to due to a policy holder not filing a claim (or fail to collect on claims submitted under their specific policy) the insurance companies have a higher profit. These examples may all fall under Bad Faith practices by insurance providers.

Again, an insurance company cannot unjustifiably deny a claim or unreasonably delay processing or resolution of a claim. Nor can they require an extreme amount of paperwork to process a claim. Beyond those three things each individual’s situation is going to be different. Your basis for an insurance bad faith filing will need to be examined by a professional. Our skilled personal injury attorneys at Amerberg Law Group can examine your policy, answer your questions, and help you determine whether you have been treated unfairly by your insurance company. It is highly recommended to hire and seek advice and representation of an experienced accident attorney when dealing with a situation like this. You will see quicker communication and results when you are taken seriously by an insurance company.

Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers | California

Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer California – At Amerberg Law Group, our attorneys are dedicated to your needs and understand with the rising cost of insurance premiums, you as a paying policy holder expect to be treated fairly and have your claim dealt with in good faith by the company you have entrusted with your business and security. Many times, an insurance company may not do the right thing and honor a claim. If you feel like you have been treated unfairly or have a claim for an insurance company acting in bad faith contact one of our attorneys today. We will be with you every step of the way and help you through what may seem like a very tedious process and assist you in gaining the coverage or compensation you have worked so hard for.


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