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Elderly Abuse Lawyer California – The personal losses often associated with this type of abuse can not only be devastating financially, physically, or mentally; but also pose a threat to the victim’s dignity. Our dedicated team of law professionals will not only ensure that the victim and loved ones find justice and proper compensation, but they will also work diligently to advocate for the deterrence of this abuse in other nursing home facilities.

Identifying Elderly Abuse

Elderly Abuse Lawyer California – Elderly individuals are at an increased risk of physical, emotional or sexual abuse because they can be seen as easy targets and are often times vulnerable. Any brunt force resulting in an injury is considered physical abuse. Although never justified, abuse is often the result of poorly trained staff that tend to be stressed or over worked, and retaliation. Abusers can keep the victims quiet by shear intimidation, or most likely, the victims own guilt and shame. Due to the emotional abuse coinciding with physical abuse, these types of attacks often go unreported.

Emotional abuse of the elderly can be verbal or non-verbal, but extremely damaging nonetheless. The victim may endure verbal abuse such as threats, degradation or yelling, and humiliation. Nonverbal emotional abuse can include isolation or confinement. The signs of emotional abuse often go unnoticed since there is less likely to be a physical indication that something is wrong. It is very important to know what to look for if you believe your loved one is a victim. An elderly victim of this sort of emotional abuse may become increasingly angry or depressed and they may develop increased anxiety levels.

Financial abuse is another prevalent exploitation of the elderly. This type of abuse occurs when the party responsible for the financial wellbeing of the elderly fails to properly allocate the funds that they have been entrusted with. Indication of financial abuse could be missed or late payments, misuse of funds, assets, or even property. Cashing checks without consent from the owner, taking advantage of a power of attorney, gaining access to possessions or funds by forcing signatures, coercing residents into amending or signing a will, another legal document, or contract that does not benefit the signer are all examples of financial abuse. A person that has been entrusted with the financial well being of the elderly should not be seeking any sort of financial advancement from their position, and if there is deemed to be any personal advancement, this is often a clear indication of financial abuse of the elderly.

Warning Signs of Elderly Abuse

  • Bruising, bleeding, or bedsores
  • Dehydration and Malnutrition
  • General Physical Discomfort
  • Emotional Withdrawal especially around care takers
  • Increased anxiety or anger
  • Sudden financial trouble
  • Will or Power of Attorney changes
  • Unpaid bills

Could a Nursing Home Responsible for Elder Abuse and Neglect?

Elderly Abuse Lawyer California – *If it can be proven that a nursing home, in- home care company, or an employee has acted negligently, they can be held liable for the resulting damages. Damages in a nursing home abuse lawsuit filing may include pain and suffering, disfigurement, medical bills, and disability. In rare cases, some states may allow for punitive damages, with the intention of deterring the defendant from similar conduct.

*Negligent Hiring, under-staffing, inadequate training, and/or medication errors may be grounds for filing a nursing home abuse case. Facilities have an obligation to their residents to hire personnel who are qualified and have the required academic qualifications for the position for which they have been hired. A nursing home must also conduct a thorough background check and verify their employees have no record of abuse, violence, or financial discrepancies. If these precautionary measures are not properly followed the nursing home is putting their residents at risk and therefore can be held liable in a case of abuse.

*A nursing home that has been entrusted to care for an elderly resident also has the responsibility to provide adequate security. It is the duty of theirs to provide a safe environment, and in situation where a resident has been injured by another resident, or even a guest of another resident, the nursing home may be found liable for any damages if it is found that those responsibilities were not met.

*If a resident is at any time a resident is stripped of their regulatory or statutory rights a nursing home may be held liable. These rights include but are not limited to dignity, privacy, and autonomy.


Elderly Abuse Lawyer California – Often, the elderly victims are too ashamed to tell anyone about the abuse that they are enduring. It is important for the family and loved ones of these residents to make sure they are keeping a close eye on the individuals they care so much about. If they suspect any level of physical, emotional, or financial abuse it is important to seek legal counsel.

Our attorneys can make sure that all reports of abuse are made to the proper authorities while ensuring all rights and benefits are protected. We have the length of experience necessary to keep detailed accounts of any reported abuse. We will advocate for the vulnerable. Here at Amerberg Law Group, we have professional and experienced elderly abuse lawyers in California. Amerberg Law Group houses elderly abuse lawyers that deal with cases involving all types of abuse, but there may be a time limit in your state to file a nursing home or elderly abuse case. If you have been a victim of elderly abuse, it is our top priority is to ensure you are compensated for any injuries, whether they are mental, physical, or financial. Our elderly abuse lawyers here at Amerberg Law Group will take all the steps necessary to educate you on your options concerning your case. We promise to work diligently to make sure you are compensated for your hardships and make sure all your rights are protected. If you are a loved one of an elderly abuse victim or if you suspect elderly abuse to a loved one, please feel free to call us 1833-338-4878 for a case review and consultation.


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