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Consumer Protection LawCompanies must authorize debit card payments.


Consumer Protection Lawyer California – Consumer protection is a broad term used for the area of law which makes it not legal to take advantages of buyers, through lies, trickery, threats that are implied, or other unlawful or immoral practices. Anything offered must be safe, and in the case of medicines – effective. Any charges onto a credit card must be authorized, regardless of past encounters and experiences. In civil courts the law allows consumers the chance to fight unfair and unlawful practices and sometimes criminal penalties are enforced.

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  • Identity Theft
  • Defective Products
  • Unnecessary services | (auto shop scams)
  • False Charities
  • Medicines or supplements that do not work as advertised
  • Work from home or Investment scams

Consumer Protection Lawyer California – There are agencies set up to protect consumers of unlawful practices from companies these agencies include: The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs and the Federal Trade Commission as well as the Better Business Bureau having installations across the United States. At the Consumer Product Safety Commission consumers may look for recalled products, to find recalled autos and auto parts, and FDA website to find recalled foods and drugs.


Consumer Protection Lawyer California – The reality is the law is mean to protect consumers from unlawful and unfair business practices, but, often that is not the case. Consumers may be seriously hurt or suffer great losses due to a product defect. If you have been injured either physically or financially by a questionable product or shady service, you probably have a strong consumer protection lawsuit. You could potentially receive money to cover medical bills, losses, any hardship encountered due to unfair business or a defective product. Because it often starts with the unfair transaction took place the statute of limitations may be short. In order to protect your access to the courts, please speak with one of our consumer protection attorneys at Amerberg Law Group 833-338-HURT.


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