California Nursing Home Abuse – California nursing home abuse happens and we are here to help. As elders become older and more physically frail, they’re increasingly less able to stand up to abuse and or fight back if attacked. They may not be able to think as clearly as they once did or see as clearly as they once did, and that leaves openings for deceitful people to try to take advantage of them. Mental or physical limitations may make them more vulnerable and susceptible to abuse or neglect. California nursing home abuse patients suffer from physical limitations and therefore are dependent on others for assistance in basic daily activities, such as eating, dressing, bathing and using the toilet. It’s often these same limitations and frailties that can make the results of abuse and neglect catastrophic for a nursing home resident. Abuse and neglect can cause death, illness, unnecessary declined health, and decreased quality of life.

 Statistics on Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect:

California Nursing Home Abuse – As an increasing number of the countries elder population are depending on nursing home facilities, so in turn reports of elderly abuse in a nursing home have become more prevalent. Elderly residents, and their loved ones, choose a long-term care facility hoping that they will be taken care of properly, but unfortunately nursing home abuse is a very serious concern. Elderly abuse should not be a topic that society should even have to discuss, but the alarming fact is that elders are abused, and often times it is by people that are directly responsible for their care. It is estimated that every year, up to 1 in 6 nursing home residents will be a victim of abuse or neglect. Another truly alarming fact is that the abused have a 300 percent greater chance of death in the 3 years following the abuse compared to those who aren’t abused.

 Nursing Home Violations

California Nursing Home Abuse –  It is estimated that nearly 1 in 3 nursing homes have been cited for violations that had the potential to cause harm to a resident and almost 10 percent of all nursing homes have violations that actually caused harm, serious injury, or placed a resident in danger of death. Law makers are making strides to stop elder abuse by passing anti-elder abuse laws, but the practices are still occurring. California nursing home abuse is a serious issue and we are prepared to fight your case.

A study led by the U.S. General Accountability Office exposed that state regulators are likely to miss signs of abuse. The study found that 70 percent of state surveys missed significant insufficiencies and 15 percent overlooked notice of actual harm or immediate jeopardy of a nursing home resident. In the Unites States alone, it is estimated that about half a million reports of abuse against elderly Americans are reported to authorities every year, with about 3/4ths of the abuse being perpetrated by their care givers in a nursing home, and millions of other cases go unreported. As the population in the U.S. ages, the number of nursing home residents is expected to increase, and with more than 3.2 million adults currently residing in nursing homes or long-term care facilities, the number of nursing home abuse cases are expected to rise as well. Many elders may be properly cared for, but it is very important to know what signs of abuse to look for, so yourself or a loved one does not become a victim. California nursing home abuse often times will go unnoticed, our attorneys have the expertise and resources to take on your case. Call today for a free consultation 844-HURT-411.

Signs and Symptoms of Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect:

California Nursing Home Abuse – Sadly, our elderly loved ones may not be aware of the abuse or neglect that they are enduring at the hands of nursing home staff.  If they are aware they may be reluctant to report the abuse or neglect out of fear. California nursing home abuse victims are often fearful of the shame associated this type of abuse or retaliation.  They may also be fearful that no one will believe them.  It is important for the family and loved ones of these residents to make sure they are keeping a close eye on the individuals they care so much about.  If they suspect any level of physical, emotional, or financial abuse it is important to seek legal counsel from Amerberg Law Group.    

Abuse refers to causing intentional pain or harm according to the National Citizens Coalition of Nursing Home Reform. Nursing home abuse often includes physical, psychological, verbal, and sexual abuse, physical punishment, or prolonged, unreasonable seclusion. Neglect in nursing homes is usually much more prevalent than abuse and can just as easily lead to death or serious injury.  If your loved one or family member is residing in a nursing home or long term care facility it is important to look for telltale signs that your loved one is being subjected to negligent or abusive situations. Some things to be on the lookout for include changes in the behavior or demeanor of a resident including nervousness, increased agitation or fear.

Examples of nursing home abuse and neglect:


  • Physical abuse from a staff member or an intruder or visitor from outside the facility including: hitting, pinching, shoving, force-feeding, scratching, slapping, and spitting
  • Psychological or emotional abuse including: berating, ignoring, ridiculing, or cursing at a resident, threats of punishment or deprivation
  • Sexual abuse including improper touching or coercion to perform sexual acts
  • Rough handling during care giving, medicine administration, or moving a resident


  • Incorrect body positioning which can lead to limb contractures and skin breakdown
  • Lack of toileting or changing of disposable briefs which causes incontinence and results in nursing home residents sitting in urine and feces, increased falls and agitation, indignity and skin breakdown
  • Lack of assistance with eating and drinking which can to malnutrition and dehydration
  • Lack of assistance with walking which leads to lack of mobility
  • Lack of bathing which can to indignity and poor hygiene
  • Poor hand-washing techniques which can lead to infection
  • Lack of assistance with participating in activities of interest which can lead to withdrawal and isolation
  • Ignoring call bells or cries for help

Nursing Home Reform Coalition

Who Can You Turn To For Help?

California Nursing Home Abuse – Our attorneys can make sure that all reports of abuse are made to the proper authorities while ensuring all rights and benefits are protected.  We have the length of experience necessary to keep detailed accounts of any reported abuse.   We will advocate for the vulnerable.   Here at Amerberg Law Group we have professional and experienced California nursing home abuse lawyers. Amerberg Law Group houses elderly abuse lawyers that deal with cases involving all types of abuse, but there may be a time limit in your state to file a nursing home or elderly abuse case. If you have been a victim of elderly abuse, it is our top priority is to ensure you are compensated for any injuries, whether they are mental, physical, or financial.  Our elderly abuse lawyers here at Amerberg Law Group will take all the steps necessary to educate you on your options concerning your case. We promise to work diligently to make sure you are compensated for your hardships and make sure all your rights are protected.  If you are a loved one of an elderly abuse victim or if you suspect nursing home abuse to a loved one, please feel free to call us TOLL FREE: 833-338-HURT for a case review and consultation.  


Here at Amerberg Law Group we are prepared to answer any legal questions you may have concerning your case. We offer completely free and confidential legal consultation and case evaluation from one of our trusted California personal injury lawyers. Schedule your consultation by calling toll free: +14244335363

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