California brain injury lawyers at Amerberg Law Group realize the severity of a traumatic brain injury. A brain injury can happen at any age and be caused by multiple different reasons. A brain injury can occur with an interruption of blood flow or lack of oxygen. Injuries could either be focal affecting only a specific part of the brain or they could be global affecting the entire brain. A brain injury that is Focal is generally caused by either trauma or with a specific blood vessel problem. Often referred to as as stroke, focal brain injuries can happen at any age but more often happens to elderly due to the frailness of blood vessels.


If the head receives a sudden dangerous blow or is jerked rapidly, one can suffer a brain injury which can cause long term damage. Serious damage to the brain interrupts the signal to the rest of the body. Some situations can lead to truamatic brain injuris these include:

California brain injury are typically classified as open and closed. Brain injuries that are “open” are considered injuries where objects have penetrated the skull and go into the brain. Brain injuries that are considered “closed” consist of the victim experiencing and violent, yet non-penetrating hit to the head.


Suffering from a brain injury can cause an array of destructive sensory, physical, and mental or cognitive symptoms. Some symptoms of brain injuries consist of:

  • A few seconds to several hours of no consciousness
  • Confusion / Disorientation
  • Fatigue
  • Drowsiness
  • Headaches that worsen
  • Poor coordination
  • Unable to sleep, awaken or asleep for too long
  • Loss of balance
  • Pupils dialated
  • Nose or ears drains clear fluids
  • Fingers and toes experience weakness or numbness
  • Seizures or convulsions

Sensory-related symptoms may occur from a brain injury such as sensitivity to sound or light, ringing in the ears, changes in ability to smell, blurred vision, and bad taste left in the mouth. Some mental or cognitive symptoms could consist of:

  • Concentration trouble
  • Changes in mood / Mood swings
  • Loss of memory
  • Depession
  • Anxiety
  • Confusion
  • Aggressiveness or increased agitation
  • Coma
  • Slurred speech

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As well as the symptoms that generate after an injury, brain injuries also cause many long lasting effects that make it hard to live everyday life and perform day-to-day activities. Including, holding a job which can stifle an individuals ability to survive independently. Some symptoms can fade over time while others could be permanent. Brain injuries can cause long term issues such as:

  • Cognitive disabilities – Impairing memory, attention, and basic functioning.
  • Physical impairments – The use of mobility aids such as motorized scooters, wheelchairs, or walkers will be required.
  • Emotional Trauma – Brought on by the injury or new difficult life circumstances.
  • Behavioral impairments – Behaving differently due to the accident.
  • Trouble Communicating – Hearing, speaking, or writing become increasingly difficult
  • Seizures – A seizure can happen suddenly after a brain injury or manifest over time, intiating stange body movements (fumbling or chewing motions). Also emitting strange tastes, sounds, and images. Trouble comprehending speech and sudden dizziness or exhaustion may occur.
  • Spasticity – Reflexes and sensation as well as the tone and muscle movement change cause complications in eating, swallowing, and speaking. Complications in vowel movement also occur.

Victims suffering from brain injuries require special treatment and equipment when recovering from an accident and adjusting to new ways of life. This type of equipment and care can add up in expenses and impair the ability to provide necessary special needs which is the main reason to pursue compensation for your brain injury.

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