Each year there are 1.1 million burn victims in the U.S. that require treatment, according to the American Burn Association. With around 45,000 of victims requiring medical attention and approximately 4000 deaths due to burn injuries. Negligence is the leading cause of these injuries along with reckless and intentional actions from other parties. California burn injury lawyers will be able to figure out how the fire started.

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Burns could result from:

  • Fires
  • Car accidents
  • Injuries at the job
  • Products with defects

Often these injuries cause extreme pain and may lead to fatal infections or lost of limbs and scarring. California burn injury lawyers know that victims face many years of medical attention along with surgeries which lead to expensive medical costs. Many times the injured will find themselves disabled whether it be temporary or permanently. It is crucial you contact a California burn injury lawyer with the experience needed to recover the compensation needed for injuries and lost wages if you or a loved one has suffered a burn injury.


Understanding the impacts of financial and medical classifications of a burn injury is important when handling a California burn injury case. Generally burns are categorized by cause or type. Thermal Burns tend to be the most common type of burn injury along with chemical and electrical burns.

Thermal Burns – External heat source that raises the temperature of the skin and can lead to death of the skin and tissue that underlies. These injuries typically come from flames, scalding liquids, hot metals, and steam.

Chemical Burns – Acids, detergents, solvents, and alkalies that contact the eyes or skin.

Electrical Burns – Currents passing through the human body cause electrical burns.


We tend to classify burns by depth or degree.

First Degree – Burns that damage the outer layer of the skin. These types of burns usually leave the skin red. tend to be painful and dry without blisters. Generally a mild sunburn is first degree burn.

Second Degree – Effecting the outer layer of skin as well as the second layer of skin, a second degree burn can leave the skin red, painful and can generate blistering.

Third Degree – Classified by full thickness burns. They destroy the first and second layer of skin as well as damaging bones, tendons, and muscles. These types of burns can leave the skin white, charred, or leathery. Due to nerve endings in the tissues being destroyed there is generally no pain associated.


California burn injury lawyers know when a person is injured from a burn the victim can suffer extreme pain when the nerve endings are damaged. This is why we will use our expertise to help you recover and receive the compensation you deserve. Professionals will consider a serious burn to be one of the most painful experience one can go through. Leading to infection due to damage to the skin’s barrier, these injuries destroy the barrier that is there to protect. In the U.S. alone, up to 10,000 people will die each year due to burn injury infections.

Having to treat a serious burn could involve the removal of tissue called debridement. A skin graft may be required if the tissue has been damage so badly that it cannot heal. This will require replacing skin from an unburned area of the body to the injured area. If you have suffered from a burn injury you may also need to receive physical therapy to reduce scarring and keep flexibility in the injured areas of the body. A child’s skin graft may have to be replaced as they grow, they do not expand.


Contacting a California personal injury firm such as Amerberg Law Group can be pivotal if you have suffered from a serious burn injury. Our firm as the necessary experience in handling legal, emotional, and physical hurdles one suffers from a burn injury. We understand the legal and medical issues that can be generated by a burn injury and have the expertise to take these issues to the jury. Amerberg Law Group attorneys have the resources needed to prosecute even the most complex cases. We have a track record that is proven in obtaining the compensation you or a loved one deserve after suffering from a burn injury.


Here at Amerberg Law Group we are prepared to answer any legal questions you may have concerning your case. We offer completely free and confidential legal consultation and case evaluation from one of our trusted California personal injury lawyers. Schedule your consultation by calling toll free: +14244335363

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