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Let’s face it, no one plans on being involved in a car accident; they always come as an unexpected event. Life really can change in the blink of an eye. The end results of an automobile accident can be extremely severe, sometimes even lifelong. Our Sherman Oaks auto accident attorneys are here to help you rebuild and help you continue to live after your accident. When a single party causes an auto accident, the state of California’s law system also allows those who have been injured or hurt due to the accident compensation for property damage and medical needs. By doing so this holds the guilty party responsible and helps to educate and discourage similar accidents. However, it can be a tough battle sometimes getting the adequate compensation for your injuries from the correct party. Having one of our skilled lawyers would help immensely in getting your proper compensation. Please remember when choosing a lawyer that it is necessary to hire someone experienced that really knows the laws and how they affect your particular case. Your lawyer should have other experience in cases much like yours, being familiar with your medical needs, and how lifestyle changes affect you. The right attorney will be able to discuss settlements and taking cases to trial. Our lawyers will do all of the above and will not rest till you get the proper settlement or will strategize a case and go to trial. Too many times people try to go to their insurance company before hiring a lawyer. Insurance companies don’t always pay the full amount and often will find ways to pay less than the actual damages suffered. When one of our lawyers represents the crash victim, they know how to deal with the insurance companies and are there to make them fulfill their obligations. At Legal Help Law Group our lawyers will sit down with you and map out an actual plan including repairs, medical bills, and other monetary damages and emotional damages.

Within a split second our lives can change and get flipped upside down quickly, and end up taking a toll on us financially, emotionally and physically. So, in the near moments after a car accident always be sure to take specific action. Immediately get medical health, and asses the needs of others involved in the crash and call 911 emergency help if needed. Try and give the emergency responders key notes such as breathing and location. Being able to stay calm and be detailed on your injuries and the injuries of others will help immensely. Remember that due to adrenaline that sometimes injuries are greater than they may seem. Be sure to get a complete examination and follow with your doctor’s treatment. Call the police following an accident and ask them to write a formal report about the car accident. The officer will give you a copy of this report and if they do not, ask them for one. The police report can be important to your lawyer as they work on your claim. Also, if able write down exactly what happened with the accident right after it happens. Try and be specific with addresses, plate numbers, insurance information, driver’s license numbers, names and landmarks. Be sure to take photos and do not leave out areas that might have contributed to the incident. For example, pot-holes, and blind driveways etc. Take a large wide photo of the whole scene and up close shots of the injuries and damages. More is usually better. Also, keep any parts that have been broken or are off the car due to the accident. Never admit liability to anything without speaking to an attorney. Remember to be careful with your words with the other parties involved in the wreck. You don’t want any sudden admissions to limit your ability for a claim. Please allow our Legal Help Law Group to handle all the talking for you and help you with filing a legal claim. The immediate reaction and actions you make forth will determine much of your recovery and your case. There are a few things you can do outside of the immediate follow-up that can help your lawyer.

To help your lawyer make an auto accident claim for you it really comes down to the details. Continue to take notes and then take some more. The lawyer has to have a clear picture and details of the incident. Remember to tell them what the weather was like and road conditions at that time. Was there a lot of traffic or road work in the area? Where were, you headed when the accident took place? Was anyone accompanying you within the vehicle? What immediate pain did you feel and has any more pain developed? Remember to keep a daily notebook that journals your injuries and any life changes. Include your sleep patterns, anxiety levels, wounds, and your mental state of mind.

Most individuals think they can handle small fender benders on their own without the aid of an attorney. However, all most all auto accidents require proper legal expertise to make sure that the victim is compensated appropriately. Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with and pursuing an insurance claim takes time, knowledge and it exerts so much energy. It is necessary to have a skilled lawyer on your side. To aid your lawyer in filing a claim please let your insurance company know of the accident and ask for all the documents their company will need. Keep all of your important medical documents, and a copy of the accident report so they have documentation. Do not forget to ask your insurance company for a timeline on when documentation is needed and what paperwork they require. Do not waste time, call your lawyer immediately and send them your insurance policy documents. It is also good to personally document conversations that take place with your insurance representative, including their name, extension number, and office branch.

While keeping a journal, remember to keep details concerning your doctor visits and continue to follow doctor’s orders. Following the medical staff’s recommendations will help in future if there is an actual lawsuit to prove that you did as you were supposed to. Not that your failure to follow through with your treatment, was the cause of your sustained injury. Even small impact injuries can cause victims to be seriously hurt. Just because you did not go to the hospital in an ambulance or go to the hospital at all is no matter. You should still go to a physician and be examined for possible injuries. Rear end crashes cause whiplash, and can cause horrible headaches and chronic pain that can need extensive rehabilitation and medication. Often, side impact crashes can lead to traumatic brain injuries including permanent brain damage. Going to a doctor immediately will also begin a paper trail that your attorney can use in court if necessary.

Car accidents come in many forms. From single-vehicle crashes, to rear end collisions and vehicle rollovers, car accidents are usually classified as such. Driver Negligence is when one driver is at fault for being careless or unreasonable behind the wheel. California legal systems expect people to be responsible in protecting one another from harm. Driving while intoxicated or under the influence, speeding, running through red lights and stop signs, and taking unnecessary risks could be considered careless. There are some cases where those that built, designed, sold or worked on an automobile can be liable for an accident. This would be an example of defective parts claim. Faulty air bags, or brakes or bad tires can be things that manufacturers may be held responsible for as well. Lastly, road conditions can be a factor. For instance, government entities can be to blame for when roadways are engineered wrong or maintained properly. These can be tricky cases when trying to prove fault in an auto accident case, but our lawyers are here to help you understand the process and file a claim.

Understanding how fault is determined in an auto accident if key to you getting the proper compensation. Most are unsure of how to pursue compensation after an auto accident. Car accidents usually happen when one driver makes a wrong decision. So, the injured victim in the accident usually needs to show that the driver acted negligently to gain compensation. The four elements of a crash are duty, breach, causation, and damages. Duty states that the person injured must show that the other driver owed a duty of care to them. All drivers in the state of California are to operate the vehicle with a reasonable amount of care and responsible to those around them. Breach is stating that drivers must be prudent people. The test relies if that person driving that caused the accident knew the victim would they have acted with more reason and care. If the injured victim shows that their damages were a direct result to the negligence of the driver’s actions, then causation is established. Lastly the victim but demonstrate how the compensation can cover their losses. So, the medical bills saved and proof of loss wages will help in getting the correct compensation. This is the damages part of the equation. When understanding compensation and settlements remember to speak to your attorney and do not let the insurance company talk you into any immediate actions.

Too many times people involved in auto accidents will try to settle on their own with insurance companies. This is a difficult task because being unaware of all the legalities and unfamiliar language can be intimidating. Often insurance companies will minimize the amount they must pay for your injuries. Clients will too often settle for a smaller compensation than that of what they could be possibly awarded, had they confided in an experienced attorney. Many clients are mistaken in thinking that just because a settlement will happen more likely than an actual trial they will give in for less than they actually need to cover their injury needs.

Because we rarely expect to be in an auto accident, we are often left unsure and nervous about what to do and how to move forward. But you should contact one of our professional lawyers to assist you in filing an auto accident claim. At Legal Help Law Group, our experienced car accident attorneys will be with you every step of the way to protect your rights and help you navigate through the legal process.

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